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Are You an IndigoLightWarrior?

Are you an artist who resonates with our ideals?  We would love it if you joined us!  We are simply a collaboration offering communal connections to other Artists through and also live art/ gallery events.  If you wish to see a positive forward momentum that combines community, creation, awareness, and light, we would love it if you joined our team of IndigoLightWarriors.   Please contact us and include your name and examples of your work (website is best,
Facebook or Myspace page etc, we use this to link you into our site) and
we will place you among our Artists at You will also be invited to participate in IndigoLightWarrior events.   Feel free to email us your insights or questions.  

Appreciation, Love and Light,

The IndigoLightWarriors

multidimensional intergalactic co-creators