Katie Rose RainbowMaker

Multi-Dimensional Creator

Visual and Healing Artist

"Learning where my marks guide me, I am an intuitivevessel for love, light and laughter.  I care.  I feel.  I create.  

I create reflections where the senses can guide the Soul to the eternal truths, exposing the vibrating grids of light which consist of an infinite expanse of fractals, tessellations and symbols of the Human Soul.  In the negative space, the Void, we find these patterns of hidden soul knowledge. The artist's light then exposes what has been in shadow.  

Your own mind completes my work, for each person has a valid piece of the collective perspective . Each is an interpretation, and an important one.  

I am an Indigo Light Warrior of ancient Lyran descent now living on Earth, my art is put into this world to connect the Human Soul with the divine source of Light, Love, and Right Action. 

Together we discover our Outer Space as well as our Inner Space . . .  We are Infinitely One!"

Katie Rose's Events

November 2016 Journey of the Soul Oracle Card release  (Available on Etsy)

Early 2017 Tapestry Release (Avail. Etsy)

May 2017 House of Alchemy Brighton, UK

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